Case Studies


I competed this project in a Front End Development Class that I took my senior year at Clemson. The project was a UX development project and the purpose was to design a landing page for a product of our choice. The page needed to utilize good UX as well as have a good aesthetic design. I had the idea for a web based service that linked together an individuals online storage services such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, etc. into one unified location.
The site itself would not store the files but rather is intended to be a tool used to access cloud based storage in one consolidated location. Many people use cloud based storage to back up files or even as their primary database, my project is targeted at individuals who utilize multiple cloud storage services to house their data. It can be a pain to remember which files are stored where, the idea behind my service is that you can link all of your cloud based databases together and organize files in one central location regardless of where they are hosted.

HEX: #78C2E8

CMYK: 48 16 00 09

RGB: 120 194 232

HEX: #D5E7F2

CMYK: 12 05 00 05

RGB: 213 231 242

HEX: #DE5541

CMYK: 00 62 71 56

RGB: 222 85 65

Jaldi Regular


The process starts with wire framing. This is the stage where the general layout of the site begins. There is no specific look and feel to the page at this stage, Im just looking for where everything is going to go, and how the user is going to move through the site. This is the “Experience” part. A good wireframe will show the users journey.

The next stage is composing, this is where the look and feel of the site begins to come to life. The brand begins to come into play and be implemented into the design. For me personally, this is the best part. The design for this product was particularly challenging.
The design needed to be very light considering the target audience would be people who would most likely be looking at their screen alot throught the day. The challenge was to create a design that was very light and not harsh on the eye's while simultanously not be overbearingly white and plain.